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A transcription software for the

iPhone and Android

Talk, Transfer, Transcribe

Recording on the move is no longer a dream

Time is of utmost essence and the Orra Health transcription software helps you save not only your time, but also that of your secretary. Orra Health works on all the iPhone models and Android based phones.

Pay nothing for your transcription software

Orra Health can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Android app store post a simple registration. After downloading the application, install it on your phone and start recording your audio content.

Only pay for what it’s worth

With Orra Health you pay only for the total number of lines transcribed. There’s neither any upfront charge, nor any hidden costs. Record your patient records and have them transcribed within your specified turnaround times.


  1. I visit 4 clinics on an average every day and have to manage my dictations on the move. The Orra Health transcription software is a blessing as it has made my life easier, convenient and up-to-tune with my practice.
  1. The Orra Health transcription software is not only swift and efficient, but also possesses all the features I would want from my dictation companion. You can not only achieve high-class recording, but also view the transcripts on the move which is very impressive. Now I can devote that much time with my family at home.
  1. The app is light, very user friendly and has an excellent navigation menu. The experience has been great and I highly recommend it to everyone to give it a try.

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