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Download, record and upload at no cost.

The Orra Health transcription software is completely free. Download it from the Apple or Android Market Place, start recording your audio content and upload the files to the web interface through a secure encrypted network.

With the Orra Health transcription software you pay only for the actual transcription. The highly accurate and efficiently delivered transcripts come with a cost advantage up to 60%.

Above prices are subjected to minor variations in lines with changes in the currency exchange rate.

Unlimited storage is a short-term promotional offer

Bulk discounts will be provided depending upon the volume. Please contact Orra Health at info@orratech.com

For the pricing for stat dictations (turnaround times of 1 to 4 hours), or any other unlisted turnaround times above, please write to Orra Health at info@orratech.com


  • One Minute of audio recording=10 lines on an average
  • One line= 65 characters including spaces

Our prices can be entirely customized basis your turnaround time specifications and the total volume of work of your practice.

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